Spooky Isles – Paranormal, Dark History and Horror in the UK and Ireland

Jon Kaneko-James – Demonology, Witchcraft and the Supernatural in the Medieval to Early Modern Period

Dark Emerald Tales – Irish Folklore, Legends and Haunting

The Ghost Diaries – Paranormal Galore

Hyakomonogatari Kaidankai – Japanese Ghost Stores and Tales of the Weird

Ghosts n Ghouls – True Ghost Stories, Photos and Videos

The Paranormal Guide – Paranormal, Strange and Macabre

Geoff Holder – Prolific Chronicler of the Mysterious

Pollyanna Jones – Folklore and Strange Occurrences

An Lucht Lonrach -Imagery and the Written Word based around the Seashore

Duncan Lunan – Author, Researcher, Critic, Tutor, Researcher

Chris Woodyard – Author of American Ghostliness

Paul Adams – Author of the Paranormal

The Ghost Club– World’s Oldest Paranormal Research Group since 1862

Society of Psychical Research – Scholarly Research into Paranormal since 1882

O’Neill’s Ghost Stories – Personal experiences of ghosts


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