The Spirit in my Lounge by Amy Van De Casteele

While I have always had an interest in the paranormal, until recently I had never actually witnessed any paranormal activity. I had never seen a ghost. I had never heard disembodied voices or footsteps. I had never felt the eerie cold blast which means that a ghost is touching you. I had heard many ghost stories in my time, and met people who had seen ghosts – but lacked any first-hand experience.

So, when I moved into the home where I now live, just four months ago, and began to feel strange feelings and encounter some slightly odd occurrences, at first I merely joked about the possibility of the house being haunted. Of course, I did find it rather strange that the oven clock had been changed – even though no one had touched it – and that the fire alarm mysteriously set off in the middle of the night even though there was nothing around to activate it, not even a bumbling moth. I also found it slightly unnerving when, at breakfast one morning, my daughter looked down at the floor and said ‘dog’ and made barking noises, when there was no dog anywhere in sight. But still I didn’t allow myself to believe that my home could be haunted, although deep down in my gut I think I already knew that it was.

After all, I had been feeling strange sensations whenever I sat in the lounge. It wasn’t an evil feeling, but a sensation of being watched; or having a large unseen presence hovering nearby. It began to unnerve me, and when I woke up at night to visit the bathroom I would refuse to look down the hall toward the half-open lounge door, for fear that I might see something standing there looking back at me. I tried to pretend that I wasn’t having these feelings, but they were too powerful, and they only increased as the days went by. I began to feel this presence moving into the hallway at night, and somehow knew that it went to visit the kitchen and even came near to my bedroom door.

When I went to visit my psychic friend for a healing reiki session one morning, she was silently working on me when suddenly she said, “You’re afraid aren’t you?” and I admitted that I was. I told her about my feelings and she gave me a quartz crystal to place on the sideboard on the living room. At that point I believed that the sideboard, which we had only just acquired, was the source of the haunting. It is not uncommon for a spirit to attach itself to a cherished piece of furniture and travel with it wherever it may go. I believed that was what had happened, and I wanted the sideboard ‘cleansed’ somehow, as I had bad feelings about it though I didn’t feel that the spirit had any bad intentions at all.

When I came home from my reiki session I placed the crystal on the sideboard among the ornaments and let it do its work. For several days afterwards I didn’t feel the spirit’s presence, though I knew it was still around, lying low. I felt lighter, no longer watched so much or followed around by an unseen energy. I missed it a little, but began to think that either I had been imagining it in the first place or that the crystal had removed the presence from the sideboard.

Until the night when my daughter had a night terror – and then, a few days later, another one. Perhaps because of the presence of the crystal the spirit had left the lounge and moved to her room? Perhaps he or she liked my daughter and was drawn to her and was inadvertently frightening her? Now I believed whole-heartedly that my home was haunted. This belief seemed further confirmed when, one afternoon, I sat on the floor of the lounge playing with my daughter and suddenly felt an unexplained cold blast on my face and right shoulder. There was no draught to cause the blast, and it vanished as suddenly as it had come. A few days later my daughter had another night terror, and this time was inconsolable. I ended up making up a bed in her room and as I lay there I felt the overwhelming sensation of a presence moving silently along the hall to the bedroom door and as I looked up I saw a black thing about six feet high flash by, through the narrow gap between the door and the wall.

The next morning my daughter woke early and I took her out of her cot and sat her with me on my bed on the floor, when suddenly she became distressed and pointed at something behind me. That was more unnerving…but I still didn’t feel that the spirit was evil or intending to frighten us. Nevertheless I decided to call in my psychic friend to see if she could feel anything, or even talk to the spirit.

She duly came, and within a few minutes of entering the lounge she told me that I was absolutely right – there was a presence there; it had made her feel cold and tingly and even though she checked for draughts she found none. She then began to make contact with the spirit, and found that it was a tall lady, in her fifties perhaps, who had once lived in the house. Her name, she said, was Sarah, and she had died of breast cancer. She had been a very self-sufficient woman, a businesswoman in fact, but had had no family and had been lonely. The spirit enjoyed the new family atmosphere of the home, my friend told me, and particularly loved my little daughter, who she felt protective of.

“You have nothing to fear from her,” the psychic told me. “Talk to her. She’s here to help. She showed herself because sometimes you feel lonely and that’s when she makes her presence felt the most.”

As for the sideboard, it was not haunted but my bad feelings about it had probably stemmed from the fact that the spirit didn’t like it very much! Knowing all of this greatly reassured me and lifted a weight from my mind. The next day, when the spirit fixed the lid of our kettle – which had got stuck so none of us could shift it – I smiled and thanked her. And now, when I feel her at night moving through the hallway, it sends shivers down my spine but I don’t feel afraid. I know she is merely looking out for us, roaming her old home, and probably keeping an eye on my daughter too. I hope to find out more about her, though as yet I have been able to find nothing. But at least I know her name now – and that I have nothing to fear. Unlike the evil spirits in horror movies, she is a gentle though powerful presence; and best of all, she just wants to watch over my little girl and make sure she is safe and well.


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